lundi 17 août 2015


I've been playing a LOT of DOOM lately.
Curiously, I've never played it until recently, since I've always prefered Duke Nukem 3D at the time.
But DOOM being such a prevalent exemple in the video game field, I've figured I should give it a try.

So I played and finished DOOM 1&2, and I'm preparing myself to dive into the astonishing world of DOOM WADS (it's basically DOOM levels made by fans, fyi).

Just to say that since the most important parts of the DOOM serie (for me, of course) are the strange mood and settings where they took place, and the oddness of every encountered situation, I might make a few more piece like the one seen above.

The story of Doom Guy is as strange as what drives the player through the game; it's an alienating dream that makes you tumble again and again from absurd wars to incoherent scenery.

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